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Welcome to! Your Ultimate Guide to Water Temperatures Worldwide. Are you thinking about your trip, to the beach? Are you just curious about the water temperatures in parts of the world? Look no further! We are here to provide you with current details about water temperatures in locations, around the world. Why Water Temperatures Matter: Water temperature plays a crucial role in determining the kind of aquatic experience you'll have during your beach holiday. Whether you love swimming, snorkeling or simply dipping your toes in the water having knowledge of the water temperature can assist you in planning your activities and maximizing your enjoyment during your seaside getaway.

The most popular countries and destinations

Adelaide 58.4°F

Albany 66.6°F

Alexandria 66.5°F

Balaclava 54.9°F

Blue Bay 67.0°F

Brighton 54.9°F

Brighton 61.9°F

Brisbane 61.4°F

Nassau 84.1°F

Puntarenas 84.9°F

Sámara 84.9°F

Ayia Napa 80.0°F

Kyrenia 81.2°F

Limassol 75.7°F

Livádia 78.8°F

Paralímni 79.9°F

Pissoúri 77.5°F

Pyrgos 75.7°F

Pólis 81.4°F

Aegina 77.4°F

Afántou 76.6°F

Andros 74.0°F

Athens 77.1°F

Chalkída 77.3°F

Chaniá 77.7°F

Corfu 74.0°F

Filiatrá 74.4°F

Bhavnagar 87.9°F

Bhayandar 86.7°F

Bilimora 88.1°F

Borivli 86.9°F

Candolim 84.4°F

Chennai 84.6°F

Cochin 82.4°F

Cuddalore 85.0°F

Damān 87.9°F

Alassio 70.3°F

Alghero 70.9°F

Amalfi 72.8°F

Avola 74.1°F

Bordighera 70.1°F

Cagliari 70.7°F

Caorle 70.4°F

Capri 75.2°F

Bath 84.4°F

Kingston 84.2°F

A Coruña 59.2°F

Alcúdia 72.7°F

Alicante 75.3°F

Almería 71.8°F

Altea 74.3°F

Avilés 62.0°F

Barcelona 71.4°F

Benidorm 74.3°F

Aberdeen 53.7°F

Alexandria 54.6°F

Ayr 54.9°F

Bangor 57.2°F

Barry 59.9°F

Belfast 53.9°F

Birkenhead 59.5°F

Brighton 60.3°F

Anchorage 53.6°F

Baltimore 74.6°F

Boston 63.1°F

Brooklyn 67.6°F

Buffalo 68.6°F

Cape Coral 83.6°F

Charleston 83.4°F

Chicago 66.9°F

Cleveland 70.2°F

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