All data are in degrees Fahrenheit


United Kingdom

United Kingdom offers a diverse range of sea water temperatures. At the moment, you can observe the warmest water temperatures along the shores of the cities Canterbury (64.1°F), Bristol (63.9°F) and Rochester (63.8°F). In contrast, the city of Lerwick has the coldest water temperature in United Kingdom, averaging around 52.6°F. This means the difference in water temperature between the warmest and coldest coastal cities is 11.5°F.

Destinations in United Kingdom

Aberdeen 54.0°F

Alexandria 56.6°F

Ayr 57.8°F

Bangor 59.4°F

Barry 63.1°F

Belfast 57.0°F

Birkenhead 61.9°F

Brighton 63.4°F

Bristol 63.9°F

Caernarfon 60.4°F

Canterbury 64.1°F

Cardiff 62.9°F

Conwy 60.2°F

Dumbarton 56.6°F

Dundee 57.0°F

Edinburgh 56.0°F

Falkirk 58.3°F

Holyhead 59.1°F

Houston 56.7°F

Kirkwall 53.5°F

Lerwick 52.6°F

Liverpool 61.8°F

Newport 62.3°F

Plymouth 60.3°F

Portland 61.6°F

Rochester 63.8°F

Swansea 62.1°F

Torquay 60.5°F