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İzmir in January

Find out everything about the water temperature in İzmir in January. Average, minimum and maximum recorded temperatures as well as daily temperature in January for the last two years. Compare the current month's sea temperature data with other months of the year.
Water temperature in January

56.6 °F


59.1 °F


61.7 °F

Sea water temperature in İzmir in January

In the city of İzmir, the month of January is too cold for swimming. The minimum recorded temperature during this month was 56.6°F on January 7, 2021, with an average temperature being 59.1°F and a maximum temperature reaching 61.7°F on January 1, 2018.

Swing in the water of such temperature might lead to potential hypothermia within just a few minutes. In January, the sea temperature remains relatively stable. The average temperature stays close to 59.1°F throughout the month, with minimal changes.
Date 10 years average 2024 2023
Jan 1 60.1°F 60.2°F 60.2°F
Jan 2 59.9°F 60.4°F 60.3°F
Jan 3 59.6°F 60.0°F 60.2°F
Jan 4 59.6°F 60.8°F 60.3°F
Jan 5 59.4°F 59.0°F 59.1°F
Jan 6 59.2°F 59.0°F 58.9°F
Jan 7 59.2°F 59.4°F 59.1°F
Jan 8 59.1°F 59.6°F 59.2°F
Jan 9 59.2°F 60.0°F 59.1°F
Jan 10 59.2°F 60.0°F 59.3°F
Jan 11 59.2°F 59.9°F 59.4°F
Jan 12 59.5°F 60.0°F 59.5°F
Jan 13 59.5°F 60.1°F 59.6°F
Jan 14 59.4°F 60.2°F 59.6°F
Jan 15 59.5°F 59.9°F 59.5°F
Jan 16 59.3°F 59.9°F 59.3°F
Jan 17 59.2°F 58.9°F 59.3°F
Jan 18 59.3°F 59.0°F 59.5°F
Jan 19 59.2°F 59.1°F 59.1°F
Jan 20 59.1°F 59.0°F 57.8°F
Jan 21 59.0°F 59.0°F 58.0°F
Jan 22 58.9°F 58.8°F 58.0°F
Jan 23 59.0°F 58.9°F 58.4°F
Jan 24 58.9°F 58.9°F 58.0°F
Jan 25 58.7°F 58.7°F 57.8°F
Jan 26 58.6°F 58.6°F 57.9°F
Jan 27 58.6°F 58.6°F 58.1°F
Jan 28 58.6°F 58.6°F 58.2°F
Jan 29 58.5°F 58.6°F 57.5°F
Jan 30 58.6°F 58.7°F 57.8°F
Jan 31 58.6°F 58.6°F 57.9°F

Sea water temperature in İzmir by month

In İzmir, the months June through September offer comfortable swimming conditions, which amounts to 118 swimming days. The warmest water in İzmir was recorded on August 7, 2022, reaching a 86.2°F. While the coldest temperature occurred on February 22, 2019, dipping to 53.5°F. The average readings by season are 59.6°F in Winter, 62.8°F in Spring, 78.5°F in Summer, and 71.0°F in Autumn. January's average temperature is a slight drop from December's average of 61.6°F. In February, the temperature is expected to decrease further, potentially averaging around 58.2°F.

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City Water temperature* Distance**
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Karaburun 75.5°F 37mi
Samos 75.1°F 46mi
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Skópelos 75.8°F 57mi
Mytilene 75.9°F 57mi
Pétra 74.8°F 82mi

* current water temperature in this city

** straight line distance from İzmir