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Water temperature in Vũng Tàu

Detailed information about the current water temperature in Vũng Tàu. The trend over the last two weeks, daily averages, and precise forecast of the water temperature changes. Gain a deeper understanding of seasonal dynamics with monthly statistical analyses covering recent years.
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Sea water temperature in Vũng Tàu today

As of now, in Vũng Tàu, the water temperature is 87.6°F. Swimming in water of this temperature is considered highly warm and would be enjoyable for everyone. At this temperature, you can comfortably engage in water-based activities for extended periods without experiencing discomfort. Today's reading is 0.6°F higher than the average recorded on this particular day in recent years. The sea temperature remains approximately unchanged from yesterday. According to the forecast, we expect the temperature to rise a bit.

Recent sea temperature and forecast

Today's water temperature is considerably lower than the average registered over the last two weeks, indicating a slight cooling trend. It is also close to the historical maximum temperature for this date. The maximum temperature recorded for this date was 87.7°F on 2016, while the historical minimum was 85.7°F on 2022.

Observations from the last two weeks indicate that the water temperature was in proximity to the highest values recorded on those days in the past. Over the next week, the forecast shows a steady trend, with temperatures staying close to the average of 87.4°F. Both minimum and maximum temperatures expected to be close to the average, offering a week of stable water conditions.

Daily water temperature in Vũng Tàu

Date Current Year

actual* / forecast**

last year 10 years average
May 4 89.5°F 85.8°F 86.6°F
May 5 89.2°F 86.4°F 86.8°F
May 6 88.9°F 86.6°F 86.7°F
May 7 89.2°F 86.0°F 86.8°F
May 8 88.0°F 85.2°F 86.6°F
May 9 88.2°F 85.1°F 86.6°F
May 10 88.4°F 85.2°F 86.6°F
May 11 88.4°F 86.7°F 86.6°F
May 12 88.6°F 86.4°F 86.8°F
May 13 88.8°F 87.3°F 87.0°F
May 14 89.0°F 87.5°F 87.2°F
May 15 88.0°F 88.1°F 87.3°F
May 16 87.6°F 88.0°F 87.2°F
May 17 87.9°F 87.7°F 87.3°F
May 18 87.6°F 87.5°F 87.0°F
May 19 87.8°F 87.9°F 87.3°F
May 20 87.5°F 87.4°F 87.0°F
May 21 87.4°F 87.2°F 86.9°F
May 22 87.4°F 86.1°F 86.8°F
May 23 87.3°F 86.7°F 86.7°F
May 24 87.2°F 87.3°F 86.6°F
May 25 87.2°F 87.4°F 86.6°F

* actual - actual temperature values

** forecast - projected values for the next week

Real-time coastal temperatures could deviate by several degrees from the provided readings. These deviations often become evident following intense rainfall or strong winds.

Our forecasting methodology leverages a mathematical model, that uses current water and weather conditions, historical records, wind intensity and direction.

Sea water temperature in Vũng Tàu by month

In Vũng Tàu, the water temperature is comfortable for swimming all year round.
The warmest water in Vũng Tàu was recorded on May 4, 2024, reaching a 89.5°F. While the coldest temperature occurred on January 22, 2014, dipping to 75.8°F. The average readings by season are 80.4°F in Winter, 84.3°F in Spring, 84.6°F in Summer, and 84.0°F in Autumn.